May 19, 2022

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Top 21 Best Hair Growth Products and Hair Vitamin Supplements

We don’t often think of our hair as an essential part of our body. However, the simple fact is that hair is an integral part of identity for millions of men worldwide. A full head of hair can make men feel like they’re attractive, confident, and ready to face the world. On the flip side, men who suffer from premature hair loss may feel like they’ve lost their very manhood. Jokes about balding men are increasingly popular, and movies/TV make it seem like having a solid head of hair is the main thing that makes a man attractive.

But throughout our research, our editorial team discovered that a whole new portion of the hair supplement industry is being marketed toward both men and women. Indeed, it is incorrect to assume that only men seek to improve hair growth using supplementation. Millions of women are also disappointed in the volume and health of their hair. And just like men, women often view their hair as an essential part of their attractiveness. The most beautiful actresses in the world are renowned for their incredible heads of hair; why can’t the average woman love her hair too?

This guide is all about hair growth supplements. We searched the internet far and wide to find the best hair growth formulas available. Both men and women can gain from using the supplements included on our list. We’re topping off our ranked list of the best hair growth supplements of 2021 with an in-depth analysis of the science, the side effects, and the most frequently asked questions behind the hair growth supplement industry. Read on to hear more about how we compiled our list of the best hair growth formulas available in 2021.

How We Ranked The Best Hair Growth Supplements of 2021

Nearly every hair supplement in the industry claims to be able to help users grow their hair faster. The simple truth is that the vast majority of hair growth supplements fail actually to promote hair growth. This is why our editors looked far and wide on the internet to find the best hair growth supplements available. Additionally, we employed several qualifiers and factors to help establish which supplements are worth your money – and which are classic scams.

Here are just some of the considerations we took into account as we compiled our picks for the best hair growth supplements on the market in 2021:

Ingredient Quality

Many supplements in this industry claim to promote hair growth but ultimately use ineffective ingredients. Other formulas use the right ingredients, but only in small qualities unlikely to promote significant benefits. For our list, we worked to find supplements using ingredients with clinical backing and support. We also looked for formulas that use a sufficient quantity of its key ingredients. After all, a supplement with the right ingredients in low quantities will always fail to provide substantial benefits.

Company Transparency

Company transparency has many faces. To start, we looked primarily for formulas that disclose all of their key ingredients. After all, how can we properly assess the efficiency of a formula without knowing which ingredients it contains? Additionally, we like to work with companies that disclose the precise manufacturing processes used to bring their trademark formulas to market.


Value and price are not the same things. If you’ve been around the supplement industry for a while, you likely already know the difference. Some formulas might cost quite a bit of money but still provide enough benefits to justify this price. Other formulas are inexpensive but offer similar benefits to more expensive formulas! Our recommendation is always that consumers look for formulas that balance cost efficiency with effectiveness.

Scientific Evidence

Scientific evidence will always be at the core of our analyses. We take a deep dive into peer-reviewed scientific studies to determine what makes a hair growth supplement good – and what makes a hair growth supplement a scam. We used scientific evidence to help pick all the supplements ranked on the list you’re about to read.

Company Reputation

Rep isn’t everything; some smaller, newer companies might have a mixed reputation, even if they offer an exceptional product. However, it’s always nice to know that the company you plan to do business with has a solid reputation among both consumers and watchdogs in the industry. We strongly considered the manufacturer’s reputation for our list of the best hair growth supplements of 2021. Many formulas we cover have been reviewed hundreds – or even thousands – of times by users worldwide.

Return Policy

Even when you’re trying the best hair supplements in the world, there’s always a chance it might not work for you. The truth is that everyone has different needs, and hair is no exception to this rule. If you try a popular hair supplement and it doesn’t work for you, you don’t want to be on the hook for the high cost of that monthly supply of pills, do you? We gave priority in our rankings to companies that offer at least some sort of returns policy on all of their hair growth supplements. In addition to being the right way to do business, we view this as an expression of a company’s faith in its product. Companies with excellent hair growth supplements know that they can offer a returns policy without losing customers!

Of course, we could write an entire guide on our process for ranking supplements. We used several additional qualifiers that we didn’t list here. But the above considerations should provide you with a few examples of what we look for when we sit down to decide on the best hair growth supplements for 2021.

Who Should Use Hair Growth Supplements?

Before you dive into this mini-section about who should use hair growth supplements, consider the following statement:

Hair growth supplements are for anyone who wants to improve the volume of their hair.

A common misconception in the hair growth industry is that these formulas are only meant for men balding or slowly losing their hair. This is the opposite of true. The facts suggest that a growing number of women of all ages are using hair growth supplements to improve the volume and appearance of their heads of hair. Another frequent misunderstanding is that hair growth formulas are only made for aging people. Men and women of all ages can develop hair loss or hair growth problems. The evidence suggests that even teenage men and women all over the world sometimes develop premature hair loss. Hair growth supplements are made for these folks, too.

For generations, hair growth supplements have been considered a classic scam. In the 1800s and 1900s, traveling salesmen would market ‘miracle growth’ formulas capable of providing bald men with full heads of hair in just a few days. These scams rarely offered any actual benefits to consumers who spent their hard-earned cash on them. But scientific discoveries in the last few decades have made it easier than ever before for men and women alike to improve the volume and quality of their hair using natural supplementation.

The bottom line: the hair growth supplementation industry is filled with misconceptions. Our research makes it clear that hair growth supplements are meant to help anyone who wants thicker, stronger hair.

Hair Growth Supplements Side Effects

One of the most common questions we get about hair growth supplements concerns the side effects. Indeed, many of the older scam supplements that dominated the hair growth industry came packed with some pretty dangerous side effects. For our list of the best hair growth supplements of 2021, we tried to stray away from including information about any supplement with significant side effects. Still, specific side effects may be associated with even the best and most reputable hair growth supplements in the industry. In this section, we’re explaining the most common and the most severe side effects associated with standard hair growth formulas.

The key to avoiding side effects while using hair growth supplements is to stick to the recommended dosage for a given formula. This means several things. First, it is necessary to avoid taking more pills of a supplement than the manufacturer recommends. But more importantly, users should be careful to avoid exceeding recommended dosages for the vitamins inside popular hair growth supplements. The FDA regulates food and drugs in the United States, but their authority over supplements remains limited. The only guidance given to supplement companies is that they must use ingredients in their supplements that are “Generally Recognized as Safe,” or GRAS.

This recommendation only really goes so far. Some companies ignore the directive, and some use faulty research, inadvertently exposing consumers to ineffective – or even dangerous – chemicals and vitamins in their supplements. Again, this is a big reason why consumers should carefully research hair growth supplements before ingesting any new pill or capsule.

Poorly crafted hair growth supplements can lead to several side effects. Some are severe, while others can be easily corrected with medical treatment. Some common side effects include anxiety, sexual issues, gynecomastia, and depression. However, we must reiterate that these side effects are only clinically observed in problematic hair growth supplements and drugs. Formulas that have been sufficiently researched and designed with safety in mind are generally safe to use.

There are a few big caveats to this point. First, anyone currently taking medication should consult their doctor before using a new hair growth supplement. Side effects are often reported in people who fail to speak to their physician before using a new hair growth formula. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also seek the approval of a medical professional before using a hair growth formula. If you’ve read some of our other guides, you should already know that this is typical advice. Truthfully, there’s nothing uniquely dangerous about hair growth supplements. Most supplements warrant this advice: ask your doctor before using a new formula.

If you follow this advice, your odds of experiencing a severe side effect after using a hair growth supplement significantly reduce. Very few men and women who consult their physicians before use suffer a significant side effect while using a supplement to improve hair growth.

Hair Growth Supplements and Science

What does science have to say about the benefits (and downsides) of hair growth supplements? The good news is that scientific evidence suggests that some hair growth formulas offer several benefits to consumers. While some scientific research indicates that hair growth supplements may be ineffective, many other studies have concluded that, when used correctly, hair growth formulas can provide substantial benefits to people suffering from hair loss.

Let’s look at one study conducted on Biotin, one of the most common ingredients in leading hair growth supplements. Biotin works to help the body regain its natural hair growth follicles. A study conducted using placebo-controlled and double-blind methods back in 2012 found that people who used a hefty dose of biotin experienced significant improvements in the volume, coverage, and thickness. The big takeaway from this study is that progress was observed in not one – but three – categories of hair growth. After 180 days, the benefits observed were even more significant. People who used biotin experienced enhanced shine, moisture retention, and smoothness in their hair and scalp.

Another review from 2017 combined trials from dozens of different biotin formulas, and the findings were game-changing. Researchers in this review concluded that many studies linked biotin use to hair and nail improvements. More studies might be necessary to determine the exact extent of these benefits, but the 2017 review is undoubtedly promising.

Zinc is another popular hair growth supplement ingredient. Zinc has repeatedly been shown to help men and women avoid premature hair loss. One study finds that zinc is considered a ‘cofactor’ of a hair-promoting molecule known as metalloenzyme. This explains why zinc is so crucial to promoting hair growth naturally and sustainably.

The FDA has already approved two drugs to help address male pattern baldness, a common cause of hair loss in males of all ages. These drugs are known as minoxidil and finasteride. The fact that the FDA has approved some standard drugs to treat baldness and promote hair growth is promising for the supplement industry; the goal of supplement manufacturers should be to replicate the effects of these FDA-approved drugs while using 100% natural vitamins and ingredients.

Overall, the verdict is resoundingly positive for hair growth formulas, at least where traditional science is concerned.

The Top Hair Growth Supplements of 2021

Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Read on to learn our rankings of the top hair growth supplements available in 2021. As always, we present this list in no particular order. And like we always say, we don’t know your specific preferences and needs. Always consult your doctor before using a new hair growth formula.



Valotin isn’t just one product; it’s a whole line of products meant to help people improve their hair in every way possible. This company is based out of Richmond, Virginia, and prices its product bundles relatively reasonably. For $50-68, you can buy a full lineup of products meant to help you increase your hair’s volume, strength, and shine. Valotin products are made for both men and women.

While ingredients vary in Valotin products, popular inclusions include Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Biotin, Zinc, PABA, Horsetail Extract, Saw Palmetto, and a few other ingredients. We appreciate the versatility of Valotin products, which can help your hair improve in several ways.



This tablet supplement is easy to use. Additionally, Procerin is specifically formulated to help men with male pattern baldness increase their hair growth. While the company is known for its “Hair Regrowth Complex,” Procerin offers a line of different products meant to be used together to improve hair growth and strength. Their Scalp Therapy Foam and Scalp Therapy Shampoo are two products that provide an excellent backdrop to the already-great Procerin Hair Growth Complex.

Key ingredients in this formula are used to “revitalize hair follicles.” Additionally, the Procerin line of products helps men stop DHT production, which is the main contributor to male pattern baldness over time.



‘Natural’ is the keyword when it comes to the sales pitch provided by Folexin. The company stresses all over the website that their products are made with all-natural vitamins, herbs, and minerals. The claim is simple: taking two capsules of this formula each day for just three weeks can improve your hair’s health, strength, and thickness. L-tyrosine, Biotin, and Horsetail Extract are just a few of the key ingredients in this unique supplement.

Folexin’s creators claim that the product uses the “three stages” of natural hair growth. By helping the hair at all three stages, Folexin may provide a more comprehensive hair growth solution than many of its competitors. Folexin is also exceedingly cheap, coming in at only $24 per bottle.

Divine Locks


If you check out the label on this supplement, it should be clear that its primary target audience is women. Divine Locks is available exclusively on the company’s product website. Scientists behind this supplement argue that a part of the hair known as the “dermal papillae” is the main contributor to hair growth and loss. Divine Locks is a twice-daily supplement taken to help improve the health of these essential parts of their hair follicles.

Key ingredients used in Divine Locks include Biotin, Selenium, Hyaluronic Acid, and MSM. Taking this supplement consistently can improve the health and strength of your hair. This supplement is also relatively cheap at only $39 per bottle.



Restolin is made to help stimulate hair regrowth. While some supplements on our list are primarily designed to help people avoid hair loss, this formula is created specifically to help people who are already suffering from hair loss and premature baldness. It also includes an impressive list of ingredients, including a few that we haven’t yet addressed or seen in this guide. For example, Restolin includes Pine Bark, Quercetin, Lycopene, and Essiac Tea Complex.

Resolin’s researchers claim that hair loss is primarily caused by free radicals in the scalp and hair cells. Restolin’s creators claim that their formula can help people stop hair loss in its tracks and reclaim the healthy golden locks they deserve by eliminating these free radicals.



Although it doesn’t matter much about the product’s effectiveness, we have to give Revifol props for being one of the most well-designed brand images on the market. The sleek design of the front of these pill bottles makes it easy for men to become excited about Revifol. The ingredient list suggests that Revifol might be able to live up to its fantastic packaging design.

Consumer reviews are a significant upside to this formula. Many customers who have used Revifol claim that it helped them completely regain control of their hair loss. The downside of Revifol is that it remains one of the most expensive products on our list, coming in at $69 per bottle.

Nutrafol Men


It’s probably clear from the name that this product is primarily made for males. The hair growth supplement offers benefits to both overall hair growth and scalp coverage for men. Males experiencing male pattern baldness, hair thinning, or even complete hair loss can use Nutrafol Men to improve the total health of their hair and scalp alike. Causes of hair loss can vary significantly; hormones, poor nutrition, and stress can all impact the health of a man’s hair.

Nutrafol Men also make it a point to claim that their supplements can benefit the hair without sacrificing sexual health and performance. This is important, considering that poor sexual performance is one of popular hair health formulas’ most consequential side effects.



We appreciate the transparency of Viviscal’s claims, especially where benefits are concerned. The company behind Viviscal does not claim that their supplement can magically grow your hair in two or three weeks. Instead, the company opts for a far more realistic quote of around 90 days. They offer statistics to back this up, too. Viviscal resulted in a 39% decrease in overall hair loss and a 92% increase in overall hair thickness in three months. These clinical trials make it clear that Viviscal offers a more scientifically supported solution than many of its competitors on this list.

Viviscal also offers a shampoo, conditioner, and even an elixir to provide both men and women with various ways to improve the health and thickness of their hair. At $40, Viviscal is also one of the more inexpensive solutions on our list.



If you’re looking for a hair growth supplement widely available at stores like Walmart and online markets such as Amazon, look no further than Profollica. The scientists behind Profollica make significant claims about their product’s effectiveness; they say that around 88% of men in one study improved their hair growth after using Profollica. It is also worth noting that Profollica uses a two-pronged approach to boosting hair growth; it includes both a serum and a traditional supplement. When taken consistently, these formulas provide your body with a healthy dose of manganese, iodine, vitamin B12, niacin, and multiple other hair-growing ingredients.

Profollica’s convenience comes at $75.95, making it one of the most expensive formulas on today’s list.

Kintsugi KeraNew


The core component behind this dietary supplement is protein. By taking the formula daily, consumers might help to improve the health of the proteins that make our hair grow and flourish. This formula costs $78 per bottle, making it even more expensive than the luxury Profollica. It is difficult to say whether or not the high cost will be worth it for you; this is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. The creators of Kintsugi KeraNew claim that the formula can help to “silkify” the hair and provide you with a thicker head of hair over time.

Even considering its high cost, the reviews for this supplement suggest that it may be worth the price.

Nutrafol Women


We covered Nutrafol Men earlier in this list. Like the male counterpart, this supplement provides significant benefits to the hair of its users. A study on Nutrafol Women found that 86% of users experienced improved hair growth after using the formula. Additionally, over 80% of these users claimed that their hair became stronger, softer, and thicker after using Nutrafol Women for a significant amount of time.

Key ingredients in this formula include marine collagen, ashwagandha, and tocotrienol complex. We appreciate the fact that this formula uses different ingredients than its male-oriented alternative. This suggests that its creators have carefully considered how best to improve the hair health of both men and women.

Hair La Vie’s Renewing Growth Treatment


If you are looking for a solid hair growth formula without breaking the bank, consider Hair La Vie’s unique Renewing Growth Treatment. Its price is only $35 per bottle, and the available evidence suggests that it can benefit consumers in several ways. Hair volume, hydration, and strength are all aspects of hair health that this unprecedented supplement may be able to help you improve. It also contains a laundry list of solid ingredients, including a few that we have not seen before. Capixyl, Ecklonia Cava, AquaCat, and several other ingredients have been scientifically shown to improve hair health, and all of these ingredients appear in Hair La Vie’s patented formula.

Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze


We already covered another supplement from Kintsugi should tell you how much we appreciate this brand. Kintsugi’s Amplifying Glaze is relatively new; it first hit the market this year! Rather than being made to promote hair gain in men who have gone bald, this formula is made for people who just want to increase the volume and density of their hair as it is. Protein compounds are the key ingredient behind the Amplifying Glaze, which should not surprise people who study hair growth strategies.

The price for this formula is relatively mediocre; it costs $68 per bottle.



This supplement is unique. If you want a formula meant to improve the health and strength of your hair, look elsewhere. As the name suggests, Foligray focuses almost exclusively on the color of your hair. Most men use it to help return their grey hair to a more youthful color. Greying hair can be demoralizing; it kills the confidence of people as they age. The main ingredient in this formula is catalase, an enzyme associated with the pigmentation of the hair. Additionally, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in Foligray are specially formulated to improve the coloration of your hair.



Hims is a whole line of hair improvement formulas designed to assist men of all ages in growing their hair and improving the strength of their hair follicles. We must mention that Hims is one of the only brands on our list that offers an FDA-approved hair loss formula. They sell minoxidil, which the FDA has approved as a topical ointment to improve hair quality and growth. Hims offers a shampoo, a conditioner, multiple biotin gummies, and a topical ointment containing the classic minoxidil. If you want to try Hims, we recommend using several of the treatments at the same time.

Har Vokse


Marine proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are the main ingredients behind Har Voske, a unique hair growth formula that continues to make strides in the hair health supplement market. The formula attempts to fortify, protect, and strengthen hair – all at the same time. The creators of this formula also claim that it can actively regrow hair follicles that have been lost to age, male pattern baldness, and other issues. This makes the formula extremely valuable to men who have aged and lost the hair that made them so confident in their youth.

At $59.95 per bottle, Har Vokse is one of the pricer supplements we included on our list, although many reviewers claim that this cost is well worth it.



Like Hims, Hers is a hair care line of products specifically designed for the gender it is named after. While Hims is made to help men regain control of their hair growth, Hers has been created to assist women in increasing the volume, shine, and overall health of their hair. The products offered in the Hers line are extensive; the company behind Hers sells shampoos, conditioners, scalp scrubs, repair masks, and more. The best way to buy Hers is to invest in one of their kits, such as the Complete Hair Kit, Salon Strength System, and Weekender Kit.

Prices will vary, but you can grab a Hers product for as little as $20.

Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins


We’ve already discussed one of Hair La Vie’s popular hair growth supplements. The Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins is one of the most popular products offered by Hair La Vie. This supplement package comes with 90 per container, making it one of the more cost-effective formulas on the market. Each dose of this Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins includes vital natural ingredients like reishi mushroom extract, saw palmetto, hydrolyzed collagen, alma berry, and Vitamin E. Many positive reviews suggest that this product from Hair La Vie provides significant improvements to hair volume, growth, and overall health.

Essential Element Hair Hero


Hair Hero is an important name in the hair supplement industry. The closest comparison in terms of ingredients is Hair La Vie. However, you should know that Essential Element Hair Hero provides similar ingredients at around half the price of Hair La Vie’s products. This formula contains Biotin, Collagen, Saw Palmetto Extract, and a list of additional ingredients to stimulate hair growth in both men and women. At only $29.99 per bottle, Essential Element Hair Hero provides the efficiency of Hair La Vie at a fraction of the cost. In our minds, this makes Essential Element Hair Hero one of the most solid options on our list.

Hair Revital X


Zenith Labs are distributing this formula. If you’ve spent any time in the supplement sector, you should know the kind of legacy and presence Zenith Labs offers. The company is one of the most well-known supplement manufacturers, and their laboratories always follow Good Manufacturing Practices. This supplement reportedly works by targeting DHT, the primary hormone behind hair loss in both men and women. To use this formula, users must take two capsules daily. Doing so can help you improve the appearance and strength of your hair in as little as three weeks.

Offering their famous hair supplement at a moderate price, you can grab a bottle of Hair Revital X for just $59.



We should begin by saying that the creators of Folital market their formula as being both 100% natural and 100% effective. Generally, we don’t approve claims like this. No supplement is effective one-hundred percent of the time. However, this does not mean that Folital is without the benefits. Using Folital can help men and women to increase the strength of their hair. Additionally, Folital provides a unique advantage: it can purify and detoxify the hair while promoting growth over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Growth Formulas

Although the hair growth supplement industry has genuinely been around for hundreds of years, we realize that new consumers might be confused about how these unique formulas work to promote hair growth. We created the following answers to the most commonly asked questions about hair growth supplements to respond to this issue.

Q: How do you use hair growth supplements?

A: Most hair growth supplements are capsules. This means that you just swallow one or two pills per day, depending on what the manufacturer recommends on their official website. Some hair growth formulas are topical, so they should be rubbed into the scalp for the best results. Consult the instructions on your supplement to make sure you’re following usage directives.

Q: Do hair growth supplements work?

A: Many hair growth supplements are scams, but there are plenty of legitimate supplements. We created a list of the best hair growth formulas available in 2021. We recommend conducting your research before using any new supplement, as scams continue to plague the market.

Q: Do hair growth supplements have side effects?

A: Yes and no. Some hair growth supplements might present side effects to specific groups, including pregnant women and folks already taking certain medications. To avoid side effects, carefully research the ingredients in any supplement you use. Additionally, we recommend speaking to your doctor before using any new formula to ensure that it will work for you.

Q: How do hair growth supplements work?

A: The answer to this question depends on which supplement you choose to purchase. Most supplements work by naturally increasing the strength of the hair follicles on your scalp. Some supplements work by eliminating so-called ‘free radicals,’ although the scientific evidence for this theory is generally limited and requires more research.

Q: Who should use hair growth supplements?

A: We recommend hair growth supplements to anyone who wants to improve hair growth. One popular misconception is that only balding men need to take hair growth supplements. The truth is that men of all ages can benefit from hair growth formulas, and a growing number of women are using these supplements to improve the volume of their hair.

The Best Hair Growth Supplements of 2021 Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our rankings of the top hair growth supplements of 2021. As one final word of advice, be sure to talk to a doctor and do your research before using any new supplement. While most hair growth formulas are free of significant side effects, some supplements can cause problems in users presently taking medicine for unrelated illnesses.

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Top 21 Best Hair Growth Products and Hair Vitamin Supplements