May 24, 2022

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The Dental District is your perfect solution for dental anxiety

A good dentist not only cares about your dental health but also your overall comfort. For many individuals, going to the dentist triggers anxiety and stress. Dentists at The Dental District go the extra mile to provide a relaxing and stress-free experience for their patients.

Just the thought of things like needles, drills or the dental setting in general can trigger dental anxiety leading many to delay or completely avoid visiting a dentist. Being aware of the problem and understanding the human psyche, Dr Madiha Aftab has introduced a spa-like dental experience in Karachi.

“I’ve been working as a dentist for 5.5 years. However, after all these years I realised I wanted to have my own practice,” shared Dr Madiha in an exclusive chat with Something Haute.

She explained that she had a different idea. “I noticed in most places, dentists don’t consider dental anxiety. They just jump to treatment.”

Dr Madiha explained that she wanted to create a clinic with a nice ambience. “I wanted it to be like a spa where no one is scared of dentists. So, we have a waterfall. A coffee machine from where a patient grabs a coffee, sits outside and chill for a bit before meeting me,” she explained.

She went on to share that she likes to keep it casual. “They come inside and I have a chat with them. We have TV screens installed in the ceiling so people can watch whatever they like while they are being treated.”

Knowing that only environment cannot treat dental issues, they have the best dentists available as well.

“We have the best dentists, including specialists, so we provide the best treatment including a great environment,” she said stating that it is a complete package.



The Dental District not only offers stress free, but  also pain free dental treatments.  “We focus on dental lasers which makes us stand out,” she added explaining that laser is used for painless teeth whitening as well as surgeries.  “The charges obviously vary from treatment to treatment,” she replied when asked about the pricing for this luxury experience.

“We have a unique system for our whitening treatment,” she recommended. “Starting off with detailed scaling of the gums and teeth after which we perform air polishing, not the regular one. This helps protect teeth and prevent any sensitivity. This is followed by a few days of fluoride treatment during which we will give you a fluoride gel to strengthen your enamel. After 3-4 days your second appointment for the whitening is done using lasers,” she further explained adding that the expert doctors at The Dental District are certified in dental lasers and know how to give you the result you desire.

Now you can feel free to call in for an appointment and visit The Dental District on Khayaban-e-Shahbaz without fear or anxiety.



The Dental District is your perfect solution for dental anxiety