May 25, 2022

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Tallahassee experiences increase in crime and drug use

Drug use and related crime in Tallahassee have increased in the past months, making Tallahassee have one of the highest rates of drug use and related crimes in the state of Florida.

According to Florida Crimegrade, Tallahassee is in the bottom 17% when it comes to issues of drug possession and related crimes, meaning 83% of cities in the state of Florida have fewer drug-related instances compared to Tallahassee.

Lieutenant John Baker, the support officer at the Florida State University Police Department, shared his insight on the drug issue on campus. He talked about about drug use in Florida State and how FSUPD is preventing the presence of drugs on campus. 

“Drugs are present everywhere,” Lieutenant Baker stated. “Anyone who states that drugs are not present in their community is lying. However, at Florida State we take precautions to reduce drug use. We have highly trained K-9 units and a zero tolerance drug policy. We encourage people to think about their health down the line if they consider using drugs. You may be in your 20s now but think about your health at 40, 50 and 60.”