May 19, 2022

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Lebanon man writes book after losing 115 pounds | Food

In 2018, LaMont Tonge found himself at a point in his life where his health wasn’t at the top of priorities.

“I had all three of my children still at home and my whole purpose was my family,” Tonge said. “Getting them to school, games, etc. I wasn’t even worried about my health at all. It was all about my family.”

In the meantime, his weight ballooned to 340 pounds.

He developed high blood pressure, sleep apnea and congestive heart failure, which caused his left leg to swell. He went from wearing a size 12 in shoes to 14 due to build up of fluid in his feet. He started wearing 5 XL T-shirts and he had a 46-inch waist.

Tonge found himself in the big and tall section of stores but nothing seemed to fit right or look good.

“I saw all these other guys, some of them in wheelchairs, some had to have help trying on clothes,” he said. “I didn’t want that to become me.”

On a visit to Disney World, he couldn’t even take any of the rides because of his size. He knew something had to be done.

He started drinking water every day. He searched YouTube for videos on how to lose weight. He got a gym membership and started intermittent fasting. He would eat for eight hours and then fast for 16 hours. He cleaned up his diet and in the first month lost 20 pounds.

“I started eating better and looking into low-carb foods,” said Tonge, a resident of Lebanon. “I would eat one meal a day. I even went on a five-day fast.” And the weight continued to come off, losing 115 pounds in one year.

It was early 2020 when Tonge found himself sitting at his kitchen table and decided he was going to start writing a book about this weight loss journey.

“I was just fooling around at first, but then I got serious about it,” Tonge said. “I thought I could share my story and help people who want to lose weight and get healthy.”

So Tonge started getting serious about writing. He started in the spring of 2020, writing off and on due to working 12 hours a day. He gave his first draft to his wife to edit. He also hired a professional editor, Mary Coulter, and soon published his book, “If I Can Do It, So Can You: How I Lost 115 Pounds In 1 Year.”

The book has received several 5-star ratings from customers and is currently the No. 1 new release in Hip & Thigh Workouts and Adkins Diet on

During his journey, Tonge found out it is OK to be hungry while trying to lose weight, just eat in moderation and don’t eat late in the day.

“All we have is our health,” Tonge said. “We control whether we are healthy or not. You have to get rid of negativity and have faith and believe in yourself. Health is all we have as human beings.”

He also noted that nothing comes easy in life and you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

“Don’t look at it like a diet,” Tonge said. “Look at it as a lifestyle change. It needs to be your lifestyle.”

He suggests changing up your routine because your body gets used to one thing after a while. That’s usually when people hit a plateau while trying to lose weight.

“No matter what you are doing add a fasting schedule to your diet,” he said. “Stop thinking quick fix. Stop eating all day long. There has to be a huge gap between your first meal of the day and your last meal. Stop snacking in-between meals.”

Tonge noted he has plans to write other books and hopes to become a registered dietician.

You can order his book on and follow him on Instagram @lamont_lowcarb and on Facebook.