May 26, 2022

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HAIRtamin Offers Supplements For Hair & Beauty Wellness

Many indie beauty brands are striving to meet these needs with a variety of new launches in the supplement and wellness marketplace. For example, vegan nutritional beauty brand HAIRtamin recently expanded into Ulta.

HAIRtamin’s best-selling Advanced Formula and Gummy Stars will be part of the program in Ulta Beauty stores across the country. Founded by best friends and beauty influencers with over 7 million followers combined, Leyla Milani and Lilly Ghalichi, HAIRtamin’s founding mission is to make consumers love their hair again, with thoughtfully-sourced, plant-based formulas featuring clinical strength biotin along with a unique, bioavailable super antioxidant complex in just one vegan capsule a day.

HAIRtamin Advanced Formula contains vitamin C to boost collagen essential for hair health; turmeric, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps reduce hair loss; and zinc to help prevent hair thinning, shedding, helps in clearing the skin, and preventing acne breakouts. The brand’s classic HAIRtamin Gummy Stars contain vitamin B6, which has been found to reduce hair loss especially in cases of alopecia. Studies show accelerated hair growth, thicker structure, and increased smoothness. This product also features annatto to protect the scalp with its powerful antioxidant properties that help to combat free radicals and oxidative stress from the environment; as well as vitamin A to encourage glands to produce healthy sebum.

Co-founder Leyla Milani, Los Angeles, CA, took time to chat with to discuss beauty inside out and what makes HAIRtamin stand out as a brand to watch in the wellness marketplace. Its latest launch is a scalp serum.


And, rolling out Dec. 1, the brand expands into digestive care with HAIRtamin BLOATamin on


The latest addition to HAIRtamin’s wellness lineup, BLOATamin is developed with a synergistic blend of 11 herbs and super fruit digestive enzymes that target common good and hormone-related digestive issues including bloating, gas, stomach pain, support digestive health, and reduce excess Water weight, for healthy weight management.

Wellness spans from head to toe at this rising indie beauty company.


Happi: How are HAIRtamin products unique within the supplement industry? 


LM: HAIRtamin is a beauty wellness brand for women, by women. We started HAIRtamin out of a sheer need for ourselves. At the time, both of us were suffering to some degree, from various hair issues that were brought on from over-styling, over-processing, stress, hormonal imbalances, and just life in general.  We were losing clumps of hair, had traction alopecia and the hair we did still have left was dry, brittle and just would not grow.  


In 2016, after a late-night conversation, we decided we were finally ready to take action and set out to develop a truly clean and effective solution that would help us get back the healthy hair we once had.  We consulted with top experts including nutritionists, naturopaths, and formulators to develop our first product: HAIRtamin Advanced Formula. It was important to us that any ingredient we put in our formula is science-backed, has tons of clinical research, are 100% plant-based, gluten, hormone, allergy and cruelty-free, made right here in the US and is effective on all hair types and textures.

Happi: How has business been in the past year in a competitive and challenging retail landscape?


LM: We are proud to say that we totally achieved that goal and then some by being one of the best-selling hair vitamin brands globally today. We have one of the highest repeat purchase rates of any e-commerce brand and have real before/after success stories to show for it. To date, we sold nearly 2 million bottles of our Advanced Formula and are carried at all 1300 Ulta Beauty stores across the US.  


We’ve expanded our range to include a gummy formulation, HAIRtamin Gummy Stars – for those who prefer gummies to capsule formulas, a comprehensive pre and post-natal formula- HAIRtamin MOM, an immune-boosting formula, IMMUNEtamin and Biotin and Botanicals-infused hair care for a complete 360 degree approach to hair wellness.


Happi: What are shoppers looking for in beauty gummies?


LM: One of the great things that came out of the pandemic is the realization of just how important our health is. Consumers are more proactive with their wellness journey these days and retailers are taking note too by expanding touchpoints within their stores to offer a variety of wellness products; particularly, supplements.


What’s important to consumer when it comes to a beauty gummy is that it actually works because unfortunately, many don’t! There are so many pretty, Instagrammable vitamin gummies on the market but most don’t deliver on their promise. Reason for this is that it’s nearly impossible to get more than a couple of ingredients into a gummy and at the right dosage for it to actually do anything in the body and for it not to taste awful and impossible to chew.  


Happi: What’s inside the HAIRtamin Gummy Stars anyway?


LM:  When we set out to develop our Gummy Stars, we didn’t want to just create another pretty gummy (although did turn around absolute perfect) we didn’t want to load our gummies with lots of sugar, carbs, calories, and chemicals.  Our delicious vegan gummies took two years to develop. It is a comprehensive blend all-natural, hair-loving ingredients including clinical strength, 5000 mcg of biotin, vitamin C, D3, niacinamide B12, folic acid, zinc, selenium, turmeric and black pepper seed and is flavored with super fruits like pomegranate, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries and apple. It is low sugar, low carbs and non-GMO!


You won’t find anything artificial in any of our formulas. Just “good-for-you” nutrients that work synergistically from the inside out to help you achieve and maintain longer, thicker, healthier hair and strong nails.