May 19, 2022

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Franklin Nutrition brings energy to Franklin Street in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Do you need some afternoon energy? Maybe you’re trying to bulk up with a high-protein diet, or you’re on the Keto diet, or just have a sweet tooth and want a low-calorie treat.

Franklin Nutrition can take care of all that and more. Blake Kramer and Felicity Graf are the owners. Kramer opened his first healthy coffee, smoothie and more shop in Terre Haute two and a half years ago.  

“I was a student and an athlete at (Indiana State University) and I was looking for healthy food options that were affordable for students,” he said. “It seems that eating healthy is getting more and more expensive. The better you eat the more you spend, but if you eat worse you end up spending it later in doctor bills.”

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Kramer’s family owned a healthy smoothie shop in Elkhart and he decided to do something similar with his own twist and a cool coffee shop vibe and a price point appealing to students; soon, he opened Fifth Street Nutrition in downtown Terre Haute.