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Which biotin gummies are best?

Biotin is a fairly common B vitamin that can help you grow your hair and nails and improve your cell communication, regeneration and rejuvenation. That being said, it can be hard to find the appropriate biotin gummies for you, since there are so many different options out there. If you are looking for a worthy biotin supplement, then the Hum Killer Nails High-Potency Vegan Biotin Capsules is a superlative product.

What to know before you buy biotin gummies

Learn about biotin and what it does

Enzymes use biotin to break down amino acids, glucose and fatty acids. Biotin also plays an important role in biological functions, like cell communication and gene regulation. You process protein-bound biotin in your intestines, which break up the protein to allow the biotin to be absorbed into the body.

Biotin then works with enzymes to develop the protein keratin, which makes up part of your hair. When you increase your biotin, it can reduce your hair loss and strengthen your hair overall. Biotin deficiencies can lead to symptoms like brittle nails, skin infections, seizures, acidic urine, ketoacidosis, pinkeye, thinning hair and a red and scaly rash around your mouth, nose and eyes.

Understand who needs biotin gummies

You most likely already get all of the biotin you require, especially if you eat a wide range of foods. That being said, there are some genetic, biological and behavioral factors that can place you at risk of a biotin deficiency, including biotinidase deficiency, kidney dialysis, smoking, alcohol consumption, pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you have any of these factors, you might need to start taking biotin gummies.


It’s crucial to find the right biotin gummy dose for you. Biotin supplements range from about 2,500-10,000 micrograms per dose.

What to look for in quality biotin gummies

Supplement form

Biotin supplements come in a number of different forms, including gummies, liquids, capsules and pills. While biotin gummies are the simplest form to take, pills are also a common option. 

Make sure to check the size of the pill before you make your purchase, especially if you have difficulty swallowing pills. Biotin pills can be fairly large, particularly the pills that contain 10,000 micrograms a dose.

Organic, vegan and natural

More and more customers are looking for biotin supplements and other products that label themselves as all-natural, GMO-free, vegetarian, vegan and organic. Gelatin, found in many biotin gummies, comes from an animal source, but gelatin can be replaced with a plant-based alternative called pectin. There are certainly biotin gummies and supplements on the market that will meet your particular concerns and needs.

Additives, binders and fillers

The inactive ingredients you find in your supplements and food are known as binders, fillers and additives. Biotin supplements labeled as all-natural, GMO-free, organic and more are usually made with no additives, but they could include binders and fillers. It’s important to search for biotin gummies and supplements with plant-based ingredients and as few ingredients as you can find.

How much you can expect to spend on biotin gummies

Biotin gummies usually vary in price from about four to 12 cents per dose. Some high-end biotin supplements go for as much as 33 cents per dose.

Biotin gummies FAQ

Can you consume too many biotin gummies?

A. There is a suggested daily biotin dose of about 30 micrograms for those over 18 years of age. That being said, there is no evidence that shows that biotin is harmful or toxic at high doses. 

If you do take too much biotin, it can interfere with particular lab tests, including tests used to measure your thyroid function. Make sure to report to your doctor that you are taking biotin, especially if you take lab tests, because it can lead to an inaccurate diagnosis.

Can biotin gummies interact or interfere with prescription pills?

A. Some prescription medications interact with biotin, while other medications lead to a drop in biotin levels. That’s why you need to let your doctor know which supplements you’re taking, because they can tell you if your prescription medications can interact with your biotin levels or vice versa.

Do you need to refrigerate biotin gummies?

A. Biotin gummies don’t need to be refrigerated, but you should keep them in a cool and dry place that’s not in direct sunlight, much like other vitamins and supplements.

What are the best biotin gummies to buy?

Top biotin gummies

Hum Killer Nails High-Potency Vegan Biotin Capsules

Hum Killer Nails High-Potency Vegan Biotin Capsules

What you need to know: This customer favorite biotin supplement from Hum delivers excellent results with high-quality ingredients.

What you’ll love: These popular Hum Nutrition biotin supplements are simple to swallow, vegan and developed without any gluten, soy, artificial additives or other potential allergens. Each supplement contains about 5,000 micrograms of biotin.

What you should consider: A few customers get acne flare-ups after taking these biotin supplements.

Where to buy: Sold by Hum Nutrition

Top biotin gummies for the money

Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength Tablets

Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength Tablets

What you need to know: These popular biotin supplements from Natrol offer a maximum-strength formula.

What you’ll love: These budget-friendly Natrol biotin capsule supplements include maximum strength pills with much more biotin than you would find in other biotin supplement products. You get an affordable pack of two bottles.

What you should consider: Some older customers say that these biotin supplements cause hair to grow on their face.

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb

Worth checking out

VitaFusion Extra-Strength Biotin Gummies

VitaFusion Extra-Strength Biotin Gummies

What you need to know: This biotin gummy supplement from VitaFusion is perfect for adults and young kids who have difficulty swallowing pills.

What you’ll love: These VitaFusion biotin gummies come with natural blueberry flavoring and work well for people who have a hard time swallowing pills. They are also free of high-fructose corn syrup and gluten.

What you should consider: Some customers say they don’t like the consistency or blueberry taste of this biotin supplement.

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb


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