May 24, 2022

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8 healthy Delaware restaurants to help you keep your resolutions

The new year is a time to reinvent yourself. A time to set goals and resolutions and try your hardest to stick to them (or give up by Jan. 2, we don’t judge.)

Many people have similar goals in the new year: to eat healthier, start a diet, work out more.

“The new year resembles a fresh start, so a lot of people set new health goals, one of them being ‘eat healthy’ and ‘lose weight,”’ says Susan Rock, a registered dietitian living in Wilmington.

One of the many unique salad bowls you can get at Roots Natural Kitchen in Newark.

Rock says her best advice for sticking to healthy eating is to set realistic goals. 

“Make it simple. For example, cut back on portions; try eating more healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts; eat less sugar and avoid sugary drinks. Find a physical activity you like and do more of it. Spend more time outside. Cook more meals at home as you are more likely to eat less. Even making one or two of these changes can go a long way to a healthier you.” Rock says.

Whatever your 2022 goals may be, we have curated a list of healthy restaurants in and around Delaware for you to try:

Back Porch Café, Rehoboth Beach

California rose goes perfectly with the cheese and fruit plate at the Back Porch Cafe in Rehoboth Beach.

Fresh home cooking is good anytime of the year but especially good in the summer when it feels like you’re always running to the next adventure. At Back Porch Café they make everything but their baguettes in house, including jam and lemonade! Sunday Brunch is a fan favorite and a great way to spend a summer morning. Their menu is filled with organic, gluten-free and vegan options. Back Porch Café is currently closed for the season and will be open again on April 14.

Back Porch Café, 59 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, (302) 227-3674,

Clean Juice, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Here are some of the many different juices from Clean Juice in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania.

Clean Juice is a small, locally owned juice bar offering smoothies, juice cleanses, acai bowls and more. According to their website, “Clean Juice Glen Mills is the perfect place to grab the healthy, organic fuel your body needs.” They offer an array of sandwiches, wraps, salads and toasts, as well as smoothies and coffees. What better way to start your morning than with a protein smoothie and a delicious piece of avocado toast?

Clean Juice, 571 Wilmington Pike, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, (484) 846-4997,

Delectablez, Wilmington

Delectablez is a vegan and organic business, selling their items online and at select stores. One of those stores is The Juice Joint in Wilmington. There you can find chocolate chip cookies, vegan and gluten free quesadillas and waffles, and cast iron vegan pizza. They also sell a vegan elderberry pancake and waffle mix which recently became gluten free as well. Start the new year off right by grabbing a snack after a long walk around the riverfront!

Delectablez at The Juice Joint, 323 Justison St., Wilmington, Delaware, (302) 803-6886,

Green Box Kitchen, Wilmington

A freshly made smoothie called the 'I need a vacation' made at Green Box Kitchen.

Named the top vegan restaurant in the state of Delaware by Yelp, this restaurant is known for its plant-based recipes including salads, smoothies, acai bowls, grain bowls and more. Green Box Kitchen came from the founders and friends of Wilmington Green Box, a local non-profit started in 2016. The mission of Green Box Kitchen is to “nourish our community by serving a healthy, approachable, and tasteful plant-based menu, all while rooting our efforts in local philanthropy and social change.”

Green Box Kitchen, 400 N. Market St., Wilmington, Delaware, (302) 274-2195,

Green Man Juice Bar & Bistro, multiple locations 

Here is a chopped salad with chicken from Greenman Juice Bar & Bistro in Lewes, Delaware.

Health is a priority at Green Man Juice Bar & Bistro. So much so that they use fresh eggs from their own hens! Items on their breakfast menu include breakfast bowls, toasts and eggs. For lunch, choose from salads and grain bowls, sandwiches and bistro grills. They also offer several fresh juices and smoothies. You cant spend a full day at the beach without being powered by a healthy breakfast. Now you can grab a delicious smoothie for the finishing touch on your perfect beach day.

Green Man Juice Bar & Bistro, 12 Wilmington Ave., Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, (302) 227-4909. 33274 Fairfield Road, Lewes, Delaware, (302) 827-1068,

Home Grown Cafe, Newark

Home Grown Cafe's award-winning salad.

Home Grown Cafe has been owned and operated by Sasha Aber for over 21 years. A favorite amongst UD students and Newark locals alike, this award-winning staple provides food for all kinds of lifestyles. Whether you eat vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, meat or otherwise, you can find something to enjoy on this menu. Fun fact: the walls inside of Home Grown Cafe are decorated with art by local artists.

Home Grown Cafe, 126 East Main St., Newark, Delaware, (302) 266-6993,

honeygrow, multiple locations

Stirfrys and salads are a big hit at honeygrow.

The goal of honeygrow is to “bring people together over the highest quality, wholesome, simple foods.” The menu, which specializes in stir-frys, salads and fruit bowls, is plant-based and nutritious. The restaurant was started in Philadelphia in 2012 by Justin Rosenberg.

honeygrow, 5609 Concord Pike, Unit 7B, Brandywine Hundred, Delaware, (302) 407-3331,

Roots Natural Kitchen, Newark

The Apollo at Roots Natural Kitchen, made with chicken, spinach, chickpeas, grape tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, pita chips and feta cheese over brown rice.

“Ideally, we could always eat awesome food and feel good after. That’s why we are a natural kitchen.”

That’s the owners of Roots Natural Kitchen talking. Visit here and you can create your own dish, or choose one of their signature dishes including Lil Bob Cobb, The Southern, or the Pesto Caesar. This is the perfect place to grab a healthy lunch between classes or after window shopping on Main Street.