May 25, 2022

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11 South Jersey restaurants focused on healthy foods, drinks

Darron Robinson and his wife Melanie have been in a healthy mindset since about 2014.

Both are nutrition and health coaches who have been using Herbalife products for “the longest,” he said.

The Willingboro native and his wife Melanie and their business partners Ayana Swiggett, Alexis McNeil and Alanna McGlashen opened Heartbeat Nutrition in Oaklyn on Oct. 29.

“We had come up with the idea a few years ago,” said Darron, who was born in Jersey City, raised in Willingboro, and now lives in Sicklerville. “We liked the idea. We had some partners who also had something similar but we sat on it for a little bit, then COVID hit. Businesses shut down right and left because of COVID.

“We weren’t sure we should make that jump yet. We started experimenting and started off doing it in our parents’ house, that’s where the majority of our support was at, which was in Willingboro. Willingboro showed up for us. They loved it. We were doing it in this cheap blender in our parents’ kitchen.”

He said Herbalife is their protein, meal replacement product. It’s forms the base of their  products and they use other ingredients to create a recipe.

A meal replacement shake at Heartbeat Nutrition in Oaklyn.

“They’re amazing,” he said of the shakes. “Our tea is more of a refresher. We spend countless time game-planning our drinks. A lot of times we game plan them a month or two before we release them. Try them out, mess with the recipes, make sure they’re perfect. Make sure they come out right and that everybody makes them the same way.”